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great music for the kitchen

Take it away guys.

As it becomes obvioous when listening to the songs of Music For The Kitchen, there is indeed a strong relationship between swing music and rock n roll.

If we consider Swing Music to be Mother of Rock N Roll, it is a logic consequence, that all musical children can be taken home to Mummy to celebrate a huge conjunctive Family-Fest.

And this is exactly what the guys of Music For The Kitchen are doing.

First I listened to their Music during a stage-changing at Pennywise gig in munich.
It was great, and now, I am pretty confident that I found the band I was listening too.

But I am not sure.

Does anyone know bands that play this kind of music?

godfather of rock n roll

The first post in this blog can only be about the founder of rock n roll music!

without a doubt Chuck Berry was one of the most innovative musicians of Rock N Roll.
with his music he paved the street for a whole aera.

Waht about his influences?

Berrys idols were Nat King Cole, Louis Jordan and Muddy Waters

Mississipi und Missouri are well known as the cradle of Rock N Roll.

at the end of the day Rock N Roll is a musical advancement of swing music in the 30ies.